Week 6

Idea: This was one of the ideas I came up with when I first started working on one game a week. I thought it would be fun or interesting to have to independently control a character's limbs to move them around. This one was most definitely inspired by GIRP 

What went right: I like the low-poly look that came out of this (lightmapping helps a lot). This is also the first time that I feel like I've designed any sort of level in a game that I don't think is terrible.

What went wrong: I got stuck trying add new mechanics with only a day or two left in the week, which really zapped my enthusiasm to try to finish the game. It wasn't until the last day where I was able to watch someone play the game that I realized that the climbing could work on its own, and I didn't need to add anything else in to make it complete.

What I learned: I need to design out my games before diving into execution; Most of the games I've made so far have fallen into the trap of bottom-up design. Games don't need to have a lot of complex mechanics or design to be fun.