Week 3

Idea: My idea for this week was a bit nebulous. I wanted to make a game in the vein of Space Alert where you have to manage the different systems of a ship under time constraints. I kept going back and forth on if I wanted to make a 'spinning-plates' sort of experience, or something akin to Space Trader, and I ended up with something trying to do a of both.

What went right: I can see the components of a fun or interesting game here, even though it's incomplete. I decided to try to embrace the fact that I wasn't going to finish the game, and tried to add elements to make the experience more absurd and comical. I'm pretty pleased with the music and sound effects, even if they sound cheesy or cheap. I'm also pleased with the way the in-game UI turned out even though it's incomplete.

What went wrong: I didn't complete my game for this week. I got caught up playing around with minor details in the middle of the week and wasn't able to get the full game loop figured out until my last day. Even if I could get everything working, I wouldn't have any time to playtest or tune to figure out what works and what doesn't. The presentation of game elements is a little convoluted, and I didn't have time to add enough UI or instruction to make things easier on players.

What I learned: I need to focus on figuring out and implementing the game loop as soon as possible. I got caught up in fiddling around with sounds and UI stuff without having a game to attach them to. On the technical side, I learned about creating custom assets in unity, which should prove very useful in the future.