Week 2

Idea: I've been wanting to make this game for a while, but the idea is not originally mine. In fencing class, we would play "Steal the Glove", which was essentially a 1v1 version of capture the flag. The coach would place the glove in the center on mask, and two students would try to either grab the glove and bring it back to their side, or tag the person who stole the glove. Part of the strategy was trying to fake out your opponent and get them off balance before you made your real move, and I wanted to try to capture the feeling of playing that game.

What went right: I'm happy with my implementation of the game. I was able to get the basic game hashed out early on and test out what rules translated from fencing class to my version. It's far from perfect, but I can see the core of something worth exploring in the future. It's been fun to play with friends and co-workers, and I was able to integrate feedback without much trouble.

What went wrong: The art could be better, but my focus was getting solid gameplay down instead of creating something with visual appeal. The game looks and plays a little bit like Hokra, which was unintentional, so I hope it doesn't come off as derivative.

What I learned: The feeling of a real world game is sometimes difficult to translate into a digital game. I was able to brush up on coroutines (which always seem to be something I have to re-learn each time I use them) and some of the new Unity 4.6 GUI.